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Foreign Office of Westarctica

The Foreign Office of Westarctica is the government ministry tasked with managing the nation's interactions with foreign governments and representing Westarctica's citizens and government on foreign soil.

Westarctica's team of diplomats normally meets biennially at the Chiefs of Mission Meeting, however, due to COVID restrictions, all meetings have been postponed indefinitely.

Currently led by Sir Charles Ross, the Foreign Office operates on a home office basis with regular web-based interactions.


The Diplomatic Corps

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Westarctica Worldwide

Westarctica has expanded its global reach by opening diplomatic missions in 14 countries around the world.

Each mission is staffed by a qualified representative of Westarctica who has successfully passed the Honorary Consul Training Course.  The members of our diplomatic service have a passion for our mission and are uniquely suited to further Westarctica's goals with outreach to our supporters in their home country.


Honorary Consular Corps

The Honorary Consular Corps is the backbone of Westarctica's foreign affairs program.  These hard-working volunteers represent our nation in their home country and surrounding region.

To learn more about becoming an Honorary Consul and representing Westarctica abroad, please visit our Honorary Consular Corps page.


Diplomatic Relations

As a sovereign nation-state, Westarctica engages in diplomatic relations with many other nations, including other unrecognized countries.  However, we will only sign treaties or grant formal recognition to another country's government when it is in the best interests of Westarctica's government and people.  This is a distinction that is rarely granted, however, you may learn more about the current status of our foreign affairs in Encyclopedia Westarctica.

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