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Westarctica's Honorary Consular Corps


As a result of the overwhelming number of requests we have received from our supporters asking how they can better represent Westarctica in their local region, we are proud to announce the creation of Westarctica's Honorary Consulate Program.  Honorary Consuls are appointed by the Grand Duke to serve as advocates for Westarctica's mission across the globe.  These positions are volunteer (unpaid) and require excellent communication skills and a passion for diplomacy.  With exceptional service, there is potential for promotion to Consul and Consul-General as the program expands.


Mission and Tasks


  • An Honorary Consul’s primary duty is to promote economic and cultural relations between Westarctica and the country in which they reside with the goal of strengthening Westarctica’s image abroad.

  • They will also accept invitations on behalf of the Grand Duke and represent Westarctica in a formal capacity at diplomatic and cultural events within their Consular District.

  • They will occasionally contact and engage Westarctica’s citizens who reside in their Consular District as appropriate through e-mail, telephone, or in person.





  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Must live in the host country and must be willing to travel a reasonable distance to attend events in the area.

  • Must successfully complete the online Honorary Consul Training Course.

  • Send your resume and an introduction email to our Foreign Minister at

Westarctica's International Diplomatic Representatives

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