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Westarctica seeks to engage technology and people in service of the environment while pursuing sovereignty for Western Antarctica.

Westarctica : 20 Years on Ice

Westarctica : 20 Years on Ice

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2023 Conservation Scholarship

Nathan Blake is a Plant and Soil Science at West Virginia University. His research focuses on using Big Data and machine learning approaches to increase the efficiency of the global livestock herd, improve management of grassland resources, and reduce the ecological impact of animal agriculture. 


Funds from this scholarship will allow Nathan to collaborate with global agricultural researchers in regions most critical to global ruminant production and those most at risk to climate change to design research protocol and collect data from more sources, improving the predictive ability of his model and thereby reducing the ecological footprint of the global livestock herd.   


Westarctica Worldwide

As a sovereign nation-state, Westarctica engages in foreign relations with many nations, micronations, and other international governmental organizations.  Grand Duke Travis has undertaken many state visits on behalf of Westarctica and has traveled widely to promote the country's interests and to help raise awareness of micronations in general.

Our foreign affairs program includes our Honorary Consular Corps, consisting of dozens of individuals representing Westarctica's interests around the world.

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Become a Peer of Westarctica

Some nonprofit organizations merely thank their donors, but Westarctica bestows royal recognition!

Since 2004, Grand Duke Travis has recognized people who give their time and money in support of Westarctica with titles of nobility. Although these titles are not recognized by most world governments, they are intended to be a lasting reminder of your contribution.

A noble peer of Westarctica has a perfect talking point to initiate conversations about climate change, the fragile environment of Western Antarctica, and our global mission to preserve the environment.


"Don't Want to Miss You"

Westarctica's mission to reduce the effects of climate change have recently caught the attention of multi-platinum recording artist Griffith Frank, who decided to help us accomplish our goals by releasing a charity single titled "Don't Want to Miss You."

This song is a "love song to Antarctica" and was brought to life by the vocal talents of singer Lindsay Gitter.

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The Wall Street Journal


22 June 2020

Grand Duke Travis ... claimed 620,000 square miles next to the South Pole on the basis that nobody else has, then registered Westarctica as a charity to raise awareness of how climate change is affecting wildlife in Antarctica.

Westarctica is moving steadily to establish a frozen foothold in the large unclaimed portion of the frozen continent.  It professes an ambition to actually inhabit the land it's claimed, and then open it up to tourism.  Better pack the long johns.

In 2004, Travis exploited a loophole in the Antarctic Treaty to name himself Grand Duke of Westarctica on Marie Byrd Land – but the US Navy, which disapproved of its lieutenant's territorial claims, forced him to abdicate.

Lonely Planet


September 2006

The Independent


30 November 2014

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