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The Westarctica Gift Shop

All proceeds go to Westarctica, a nonprofit public benefit corporation.

Westarctica T-Shirts

Want to show your support for our cause in your everyday life?  There's no better way than a stylish t-shirt that's both funny and poignant.  It's one of our most-requested items!

These high-quality t-shirts are sold through an arrangement with and we're adding more designs and colors every week.  If you like your new shirt, don't forget to leave a review so everyone else knows how awesome they are too.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 10.10.41

Full-Size Westarctica Flag

$50 shipping included

So many of our citizens and nobles have asked to purchase Westarctica's flag that we have finally worked out an arrangement with our supplier to make them available to the public!

These 3ft x 5ft flags match the size and quality of the flags used by our government at our various consulates around the world.  They have two metal-ringed grommets on the hoist so they can be hung from any standard flagpole or safely mounted on a wall.

This is your chance to let your Westarctican pride fly tall and proud (flag bearer not included).

Penguin Cat Toy.png

Penguin Catnip Toys

Westarctica has partnered with premium cat toy supplier Smokey's Stash to create these fun penguin toys that your cat is sure to love.  They're not only filled with high quality catnip, but they come in a combo pack that includes two penguins, a mouse, and a bottle of liquid catnip spray.


Additionally, 10% of all proceeds from the sale of these cat toys will be donated to Westarctica, making this a win-win for cats and penguins! 



By: A.F. Grappin

Westarctica: 20 Years on Ice is the incredible true story of an attempt to create a sovereign nation on the continent of Antarctica. In 2001, Travis McHenry legally claimed 1/8th of Antarctica as his own private country, calling it Westarctica. This book follows Travis' struggle over the past 20 years to gain recognition from foreign governments while building a community of like-minded souls willing to brave the icy cold of the southern latitudes.

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