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2020 Westarctica Writing Fair

The Westarctica Writing Fair is an initiative from our Ministry of Culture and occurs every other year, alternating with the Westarctica Art Expo.  The fair is open to all Westarctican Citizens.  There were two categories of competition:

-The Crown: An open invitation for musing on the theme of the Crown.  Feel free to define that theme as the personage of the Grand Duke, the act of ruling, the physical concept of a crown, or any other reasonable interpretation of the theme in 400 words or fewer.

-General Writing: Any genre or form of writing not to exceed 400 words.

Entries were judged with three awards:

Crown Selection

General Category

Otello Night - Todd Tremole

Crown Category

A Frigid Promise - Todd Tremole

Council Selection

General Category

Writing Your Residue - Wyatt Hill


Crown Category

Untitled - Shannon Sullivan

Citizen's Selection

General Category

Writing Your Residue - Wyatt Hill (tie)

Die Spinne - Sean Austin (tie)


Crown Category

Wisdom and Prosperity - Sean Austin

Read the Entries

To read the 2020 Westarctica Writing Expo entries, please download the PDF documents below.  They contain all entries submitted for each of the categories.

General Writing

These entries are short form writing on a variety of subjects and themes.

The Crown

These entries are short form writing on the theme of The Crown.

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