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"Nobility is a graceful ornament to the civil order."

- Edmund Burke


As a sovereign (though unrecognized) monarchy, Westarctica has a proud tradition of bestowing titles of nobility upon its most enthusiastic supporters.

Joining the Peerage of Westarctica is an honor all its own, and many of our noble peers now hold important positions in our governing body, the Royal Council.  The Grand Duke relies on Westarctica's peers for guidance and to help "carry the flag" by serving as living examples of the Westarctican noble ideal.

Peerages make a great gifts as well, it's something they won't expect and perfect for the person who has everything! As an added bonus, all peers are forever immortalized in our public peerage list, making it easy to prove to friends and relatives that they really are a member of the noble class.

Your Letters Patent and welcome package are hand-crafted and lovingly assembled by our Royal Equerries, so please allow one month for delivery.

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