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The Hobbs Coast (located at 74°50′S 132°0′W) is the portion of the coast of Westarctica extending from Cape Burks to a point on the coast opposite eastern Dean Island, at 74°42′S 127°05′W, or between the Ruppert Coast in the west and the Bakutis Coast in the east. It stretches from 136°50′W to 127°35′.


This title package includes:


Letters Patent as Duke or Duchess of Hobbs

Westarctica Desktop Flag

Westarctica Flag Lapel Pin

Autographed Portrait of Grand Duke Travis

The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Westarctica Softcover Book

Westarctica's Stamps

Map of Westarctica

Westarctica Flag Sticker

Duke / Duchess of Hobbs

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