A new cryptocurrency From the Royal Bank of Westarctica

On 15 August 2018, the Royal Bank of Westarctica created its own cryptocurrency, known as WestarcticaCoin (WAD) based on Ethereum ERC20 tokens.


WestarcticaCoin built on the Etherum blockchain and is similar to Bitcoin, but with some very big differences:


  • It is not a financial investment.

  • It is not backed by any commodity or financial security.

  • It is not a recognized currency outside of Westarctica.


WestarcticaCoin is intended to be a fun way for citizens of Westarctica to interact with one another and give or receive recognition. They are being utilized as digital “brownie points,” which can be earned by doing good deeds.


This new cryptocurrency will broaden the sense of community and social responsibility among Westarctica's citizens, knights, and nobles, while also harnessing a powerful new technology that will encourage everyone involved to be nicer to each other and to the environment.


To this end, we have partnered with online rewards platform Hexel to give you a place to easily share, acquire, trade, and eventually spend your WestarcticaCoins. Our available activities on the Hexel website are still being built, but we're planning a store where you'll be able to use your WestarcticaCoins to buy cool stuff like stickers, pins, and t-shirts.


A total of 17.286 trillion WestarcticaCoins have been created. This amount represents the total number of square feet in Westarctica's claimed land area in Antarctica. An initial air drop consisting of hundreds of millions of WestarcticaCoins will be mass distributed to anyone who has made a contribution to Westarctica since our date of founding in 2001.


Because WestarcticaCoins are Ethereum ERC20 tokens, they can be transferred outside of the Hexel rewards platform into an external wallet if desired. WestarcticaCoins can be earned by doing good deeds (such as donating to Westarctica), however, Westarctica makes no promise or guarantee of present or future value.

Want to follow WestarcticaCoin's activity on the Ethereum blockchain?

Visit WestarcticaCoin's contract on the Etherscan token tracker to take a peek behind the scenes of our cryptocurrency.

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