2019 Elections for Prime Minister of Westarctica

The office of Prime Minister is primus inter pares, that is, first among equals, of the ministers of the Royal Council, elected through popular vote by the citizens of Westarctica to assist the Grand Duke with the administration of the country. The Prime Minister of Westarctica shall simultaneously occupy three positions in Westarctica's legal, corporate, and government structure:

Government Position: Head of Government
Corporate Position: Deputy Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer

Legal Position: Secretary of the Board of Directors of Westarctica, Inc.

The election for Prime Minister of Westarctica will occur on 08 February 2019 through an electronic process that is overseen by the Commissioner of Elections, the Baron of Abele.


Duke Jordan of the Bear P_edited.jpg


Jordan is a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in Afghanistan, being honorably discharged as a Sergeant in 2013. He has worked in the healthcare technology field for over a decade, working in government for the majority of this time.

Involvement with Westarctica: Jordan joined Westarctica in 2017, and has served in multiple leadership roles. He established the Citizens of Westarctica Facebook group, and the Westarctica Civilian Corps, in an effort to make participation more available to all, not just those with noble titles.


In recognition of his contributions, he has been named Duke of the Bear Peninsula, Marquis of Wilbanks, Lord of Farmer Manor, and a Knight Commander in the Order of the Snowflake.

Proposed Agenda as Prime Minister:

  • Improve and expand Westarctica's mission of conservation, as well as our ability to fulfill said mission.

  • Foster diversity and inclusion in Westarctican government for all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

  • Building a deep and unique Westarctican culture in our community through various means, with a focus on history and the arts.

  • Establish the framework for a worthwhile, stable, and sustainable future.

Minister of Citizenship & Immigration

Commissioner of the Civilian Corps

Duke Jordan of the Bear Peninsula

Stefan - Goldstream_edited.png


Stefan has worked for over 30 years in military, academic, political/diplomatic, and industrial environments, mostly in administrative roles but also hands on, hence he is well versed in running and supporting organizations of all kinds.

He graduated from high school in Munich /Unterhaching in 1988, obtained his diploma in Engineering (ME) at the University of Munich-Weihenstephan and MIT in 1995, and his PhD. at Tufts University in Boston in 2000, since then he also worked at NASA and other academic institutions and as a reviewer of scientific journals and continue his own research which is currently in stem cell research, animal protection and nutrition.

Involvement with Westarctica: Stefan joined Wesrartica out of a whim after reading a news article about it and instantly believed in its ideas and mission. He also realized from his experience that the Consular Corps needed some guidance and reshaping as well as some central person to reach out to other credible NGOs and other Micronations that could be partners in Westarctica's efforts, he created the office of Foreign Minister and manages the day-to-day activities of the Consular Corps.

Proposed Agenda as Prime Minister:

  • Being Prime Minister is essentially an administrative role supporting the Grand Duke and to coordinate and support the efforts of the Royal Council, but also stand in as a public face when HRH or the Prince Consort are not available. Represent HRH or support him in any political negotiations after consultation with the relevant ministers.

  • Negotiate with all nations currently active in Antarctica to give us official status (as well as some others) using my political contacts.

  • Establish a permanent research station in accordance with the common system and find funds for it.

  • Assure that the governing of Westarctica runs smoothly. We say on our wiki page peerage can not get you a visit with the Queen, well I can get one (or at least Prince Charles who is also all about environment), so really this job is all about who you know and what to do with it to make Westarctica great and not just a side note in the media. When HRH and I met in Berlin and Munich we talked about this central position, and we both found it useful. I think I can serve in that role, being in Germany is an advantage but I am happy to stay on as Foreign Minister as well.

Foreign Minister

Count Stefan of Goldstream



Danni Michele is a digital media artist who currently works at the University of San Diego designing promotional materials for the school as well as working in the Admissions department for MA and PhD programs. She originally became a citizen in 2016 during GISHWHES and has loved being a citizen of Westarctica; leading to her enthusiasm to be active in the community as much as possible.

Involvement with Westarctica: Danni has been running the Citizens of Westarctica Twitter account since June, and has consistently tried to keep a very open level of communication with anyone who interacts with us and relaying any pertinent information to the appropriate members of the Royal Council.

She was recently promoted from Director of Communications to Minister of Communications and has taken on an Admin role with Westarctica's social media accounts.

Proposed Agenda as Prime Minister:

  • Reach out and get in contact with more micro nations and find ways to collaborate.

  • Continuing our positive work on social media. We are currently a huge inspiration to many micronations and I want to continue the positive image we contribute to that community.

  • Find more ways to promote Westarctica at events, online, or various other mediums, so we can continue to grow.

  • Work on creating more opportunities for community involvement for citizens online and in person, and celebrating the varying ways everyone has come together as citizens of Westarctica.

Minister of Communications

Danni Michele

David Galway_edited.jpg


David is a 23 year old, Managing Director of his own Ltd business, with qualifications in essential UK GCSE's and further qualifications in advanced A Levels. He took time to build his business from scratch into a successful independent consultancy, working with clients from all types of industries.

Involvement with Westarctica: As a recently new citizen to our nation, and with family health, David has not participated in any local events in the UK.  He has raised awareness through his local area by informing local members about Westarctica and what we stand for, with two young children of his own, he wishes for them to grow up to someday visit Westarctica and share our values.

Proposed Agenda as Prime Minister:

  • I will proactively involve ourselves with charity groups and wildlife conservation groups to strengthen our support for not only inhabitants of Westarctica, but for wildlife globally.

  • I will continuously contact Antarctic research facilities for any involvement and to arrange a team of our own to visit our nation.

  • I will raise fundraisers in order to fund our journey to our nation and in order to provide supplies and tools for our teams to do our part in maintaining, cleaning addressing any issues reported.

  • I will provide my full attention and cooperation to support our role in the UN, in order to gather recognition of our nation, and develop an economic, military and political presence.


David Galway

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