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Nominate Someone For a Knighthood


The Orders of Westarctica are a series of awards (also called "honors") created to recognize exceptional achievements related to the nation of Westarctica, reward dedication and service to the Crown or government, and strengthen bonds of friendship between Westarctica and its foreign allies.

These honors cannot be purchased, but must be earned through devotion to the nation and furthering Westarctica's mission.

Order of the Orca Knighthood
Order of the Orca
10 July 2019
Recognition of lifetime service to Westarctica.
Order of the Snowflake
27 January 2015
Services to Westarctica, exceptional achievements related to national mission.
Noble Order of Westarctica
1 August 2004
Recognizing exceptional nobility in monarchs and peers.
Order of the Desert Heart
20 November 2009
Services to Calsahara or recognition of foreign leaders.
Order of the Polar Cross
18 July 2022
Diplomatic service and friendship among micronations.
Order of the Sword
2 April 2005
Military achievement.
Legion of Peace
20 November 2009
The promotion of peace.

The Nomination and Awarding Process


Anyone may nominate any deserving individual for a Westarctican honor. They do not have to be a citizen or peer to receive an honor, although they will be required to provide a mailing address in order to receive their medal and certificate. When possible, the Grand Duke or his representative will bestow the knighthood in person.

New honors are announced on November 2 of each year as part of Westarctica's anniversary celebrations. The knighthoods are given through Grand Duke Travis by a Royal Decree published on Westarctica's Facebook Page and on Encyclopedia Westarctica.

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