The Order of the Snowflake



The Order of the Snowflake is Westarctica's second highest honor and anyone who provides a service to Westarctica or makes an impact on our goal is eligible to become a member.  There are three classes of the Order: Knight, Knight Commander, and Knight Grand Cross.


Only the Grand Duke himself has the power to bestow new knighthoods and thus far, he has awarded the medal to foreign dignitaries, artists, prominent nobles, and other supporters of Westarctica.  All knights receive the medal respective of their class and the award is for life.


It is considered a "self-styled" Order, with no connection to existing or historical Orders of Chivalry.


Membership in the Order of the Snowflake entitles the bearer to attach the post-nomial "KtS" following their name.  In this way, they are living examples of the Westarctican ideal and can help us spread the name of our great organization around the globe.

For more information, please visit Encyclopedia Westarctica.

Knights of the Snowflake

Knights Grand Cross

Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica

Prince-Consort Dinny

President Kevin Baugh of Molossia

King Timothy of Shiloh

Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis

Emperor Eric Lis of the Aerican Empire

Knights Commander / Dames Commander

Wolf Tulier

Queen Carolyn of Ladonia

President Yaroslav Mar of Lostisland

Matt Roth

Brandy Hardiman

Emperor Olivier of Angyalistan

Hal Bodner

Gabriela Alvarez

Sam Green

Prince Jean-Pierre of Aigues-Mortes

Grand Marshal Karo Lyn of Obsidia

Chancellor Rankin MacGillivray of Slabovia

Sôgmô Will Sorgel of Sandus

King Andrew of Briarcliff

Deborah McHenry

Neil Whitmoyer

James, King of the Sconnish

Princess Samantha of Shiloh

Princess Rebecca, Duchess of Rockefeller

Martin Schmidt

Brittany Anne Bullock

Chancellor Olivier of Aigues-Mortes

Dominique Garing of Saugeais

Michael Richards

Lars Vorländer

C. Jordan Farmer

Baron of Bastanchury

Kim Bryan

Brian Erdelyi

Christian Seitz

Dr. Joachim Michael Adlfinger

Stefan Winkler

Knights / Dames

Terry Perkins

King Christopher Beyette of Vikesland

Victoria Kordysh

Gary Nicholson

Michael Melites

Michael Stogner

First Lady Adrienne Baugh of Molossia

Constable Lexi Baugh of Molossia

Prince Arthur of Homestead

Commodore Jonathan Miller of Molossia

Grand Duke Jacob of Broslavia

Erik White

Kenny E. Marchant, Jr.

Katie Bellis Miller

Natalie George

Omar Cisneros

Matthew Salzer

Francesco Alvaro Ronchi

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