Get Involved With Westarctica!

There are lots of ways YOU can get involved with Westarctica and help spread the word about our nation's goals and struggles.

Reducing Meat Consumption

Westarctica's 2019 Global Campaign is centered around reducing consumption of meat.  We're not asking all our citizens to cut it out completely, but we believe that being more conscious about your food, where it comes from, and the effect it's having on the environment is important.

The Westarctica Civilian Corps

The Westarctica Civilian Corps is a non-military organization that hopes to build esprit de corps and increase activity among our citizens. The Corps has a structured system of awards, in the form of military-style ribbons that members can proudly wear or display to show their achievements.


The Corps has a one-time entry fee of $30 to help offset the cost of awards and shipping.


The Westarctica Civilian Corps currently has 19 distinct awards that recognize everything from becoming a member to taking part in our Global Campaigns. We even have an award for those intrepid few who dare to make the journey to Westarctican soil! This number will only continue to grow, as we have over a dozen new awards in various stages of planning and development.


By Appointment to His Royal Highness

In his quest to make the royal household as environmentally sustainable as possible, Grand Duke Travis has issued Royal Warrants of Appointment to companies and products that have made global or regional ecology a priority in their business model.

These products are also used by the royal household and by the Grand Duke himself.

The Royal Warrants are intended to better publicize quality products enjoyed by the royal household while encouraging Westarctica's citizens to use environmentally sustainable products in their daily life.

For Kids: The Westarctica Activity Book

Westarctica is very proud of announce the creation of a printable activity book for children or adults.  Perfect for long car rides, rainy days inside, plane trips, and anyone who wants a fun way to learn more about the environment of Antarctica.

The activity book includes coloring pages of Antarctic animals, word searches featuring Antarctic vocabulary words, mazes through Antarctica, and much more.  If you've ever wanted to color a picture of the Grand Duke or draw yourself living on a private iceberg, you'll have a lot of fun with this FREE book.

Click the button to download the Westarctica Activity Book as a printable PDF.


Want to show off your love of Westarctica?

Print out your own copy of Westarctica's flag and take it with you on your travels around the world. Everywhere you go, post a picture holding the flag on your social media accounts with the hashtag #westarctica.


Once every quarter, the Grand Duke will search through social media to find the best pictures and posts and award cool Westarctica swag like coffee mugs, a desktop flag, stamps, or other stuff.​

Click the box below to access the flag image, then "save as" to download a high quality graphic of Westarctica's flag to print on your own.

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