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Before you decide to donate to Westarctica just to acquire a fancy title, please understand that:


Westarctica's titles

are recognized by


world governments.


We're telling you this up front, not to discourage you from pledging a donation to our cause, but because the Internet is filled with scammers who try to convince unsuspecting people to part with their hard-earned money in exchange for a few scraps of paper that are essentially worthless.  That is not what we're doing here...

Westarctican titles do not come with a deed of land.  Many people may choose not to call you by your newly adopted title.  That is their choice, and you should respect it.


Our founder, Grand Duke Travis, has always used his title with pride as a talking point to bring up Westarctica, our mission, and our history.  People do pay closer attention when they're speaking with a Grand Duke, even knowing that the title is one he created on his own.  We are not advocating that any of our title holders use their title for fraudulent purposes.  In fact, we downright discourage it!  In Scotland and Germany, usage of non-government created titles can be a criminal offense, so PLEASE check local laws before waving your new certificate around on the street.  In the United States, citizens have the First Amendment right to call themselves by whatever nickname they can dream up.  Consider our titles pre-curated nicknames, if you will.


The point of donating to Westarctica is that you support our mission and wish to help with a financial donation.  Your contributions allow us to cover our general operating expenses and further our conservation efforts in Western Antarctica.  We were founded on the principle of going our own direction, different from the rest, and these titles are simply our way of saying THANK YOU!


If you still have questions or concerns, please contact prior to making a donation.


For further reading on scams related to false titles of nobility, please visit:

  • Can I obtain a Hereditary Peerage instead of a Life Peerage?
    All donors will be granted Life Peerages as a thank you for their donation. In some cases, with service and dedication to Westarctica, the titles can be converted to Hereditary Peerages or even raised to a higher level in honor of their devotion to our cause.
  • Can I pay by a method other than PayPal?
    Yes! Westarctica can also accept checks by mail. Please send an e-mail to for our address.
  • Can I create my own custom title?
    Yes! However, custom titles are subject to approval by the Grand Duke.
  • What does "region" mean in the dropdown menu?"
    The region you select will be the name of your title. Each of these names has been carefully chosen by the Grand Duke and is named for a specific geographic feature in Western Antarctica. The most common names come from cliffs, mountains, peaks, and glaciers.
  • Can I purchase the title of Prince / Princess?
    No. We have decided not to create any titles above the rank of Duke for the forseeable future.
  • Does having a title mean I get a Westarctica passport?
    No, Westarctica does not issue passports or other identity documents.
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