Digital Currency Trading Code of Ethics

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and others are becoming a popular digital asset for investment.  Assessing the value of these digital assets is complex and susceptible to fraud.  Although digital currencies are decentralized and generally unregulated, the Royal Blockchain Authority has proposed a voluntary digital currency trading code of ethics for public feedback.

Version: 1.0 (01/23/2018)

This code of ethics is intended to provide voluntary guidance to governments, companies, developers, or consumers that develop, create, mine, buy, sell or hold digital currencies.

  1. Conflict of Interest: Clearly disclose any potential conflicts of interest when discussing digital currencies.

    • If you discuss or share information about a digital currency that you own (or plan to own) let others know.

    • If you discuss digital currencies and invest in, hold, mine or trade in digital currencies let others know.

  2. Financial Advice: Do not provide financial advice when you have a conflict of interest in doing so

    • Do not make buy, sell or hold recommendations of digital currencies when you may also benefit by the recommendation.

    • Do not speculate on price or make predictions or forecasts that would benefit your current or planned holdings of digital currencies.

  3. Disclose Risks: Inform others about the risks of any advice you provide regarding the buying, selling or trading of digital currencies.

  4. Accuracy: Provide complete and accurate information about digital currencies. Make timely corrections where possible.

    • Don't lie.  Don't mislead. Don’t exaggerate. Back up your claims with proof/evidence.

  5. Fraud: Do not engage in any fraudulent activities involving digital currencies (ie. pump and dump scams, Ponzi schemes, price manipulation, theft, deception, misinformation, hacking/cracking, etc).

  6. Care Before You Share: Avoid sharing unsourced information. Do not share, forward, re-post or re-tweet information that speculates on price or makes predictions or forecasts that would benefit your current or planned holdings of digital currencies unless the original source follows similar ethical guidelines.


Author: Brian Erdelyi

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