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Westarctica Civilian Corps

The Westarctica Civilian Corps was created by the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration as a fun initiative to give our citizens more ways to participate in Westarctica's activities.

Even though volunteering has its own reward, the Commissioner of the Corps has instituted 22 different ribbons that are awarded for successfully completing designated tasks.

Additionally, since so many of our citizens have requested printed citizenship certificates, the Commissioner will also mail out a welcome packet filled with the following items:

  • Personalized civilian corps certificate

  • Welcome letter

  • Cloth patch embroidered with the Corps logo

  • Westarctica flag sticker

  • First set of award ribbons

(Password Protected)

Membership in the Civilian Corps requires a one-time fee of $37.

This initiation fee includes lifetime membership benefits.

After payment is sent, you will be directed to a form where the rest of your membership will be processed.

17 OCTOBER 2021


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