Royal Blockchain Authority

The Hon. Brian Erdelyi, Minister of Blockchain

The Royal Blockchain Authority (RBA) is the agency tasked with providing counsel to the Grand Duke regarding blockchain uses and innovations for Westarctica.


Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin and other digital currencies using cryptography.  Blockchains are secure by design and are an example of a distributed system that is suitable for recording of various types of events or information.


WestarcticaCoin - Westarctica's Cryptocurrency

Can a non-profit cryptocurrency based on kindness and environmentally sustainable actions be a force for good in the world?  We believe it can.  We believe it so much that our team has spent the past year creating one.  We proudly present WestarcticaCoin: The first cryptocurrency created by a non-profit corporation AND a micronation!

Draft Proposal: Digital Currency Trading Code of Ethics

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and others are becoming a popular digital asset for investment.  Assessing the value of these digital assets is complex and susceptible to fraud.  Although digital currencies are decentralized and generally unregulated, the Royal Blockchain Authority has proposed a voluntary digital currency trading code of ethics for public feedback.

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Westarctica holds non-consultative status with the

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs - NGO Branch

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